Training – Pet Sitting – Dog Walking

Custom Private Training ~ 65.00 (one hour)

Private hands-on session in your home or a public setting teaching and coaching you how to train your dog in the sport of Trick Dogs, basic obedience, good manners and/or solve **behavior problems. All sessions are customized to your dog’s needs and your personal training goals.

  • Earn Trick Dog Titles  – Learn fun tricks and agility and earn titles in the sport of Trick Dogs through the Do More with your Dog program
  • Puppy Parenting – In home evaluation and puppy parenting coaching for you and your new family member
  • Basic Obedience / Good Manners / Loose Leash Walking
  • Eliminate Undesirable Behaviors – jumping, pulling, counter surfing and other annoying and/or destructive behavior ** see below comments about behavior problems
  • Wellness Evaluation/Consultation – nutritional analysis of your dog’s diet and recommendations for improved over all health

Pet Sitting / Dog Walking ~ 25.00 (30 minutes)

A visit to your home to feed, walk, play with, let out to potty, pet and love on your fur-baby (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, hamsters, reptiles)

Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln

** Many dog owners find themselves dealing with behavior problems beyond the scope of typical “disobedience”. Some of these out-of-control behaviors include: leash reactivity (aggression toward other dogs or people on leash), dog aggression, territorial behavior (guarding responses toward visitors in the home; guarding response in the car), resource guarding (guarding food, toys, people or resting place), extreme fearfulness or shyness.

Rehabilitating dogs with behavior problems takes time and patience. Your dog’s unique temperament, age and the type of the problem all play a role in this process. Building a relationship based on trust and respect, and employing reward and leadership based training methods will help your dog learn to approach and respond to situations in a new way.

Although we address many of these problems during our training sessions, there are some behaviors may require a longer length of time to effectively resolve. All behavior problems require a big commitment on behalf of the pet parent.



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