July 4, 2012, we said our final goodbye to our precious, Lucy, our 5 year old yellow Labrador who was always so vibrant and full of joy. We love and miss her so very much.. she took a part of us with her.

In February, Lucy suddenly became sick and was hospitalized for 10 days as she fought for her life. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma and given a week to live — our hearts were crushed!

Lucy was a miracle! After receiving chemotherapy, the cancer went into remission and she beat all the odds against her by staying in remission for almost four months. We had our Lucy back (for a time)  —  and then the cancer returned with a vengeance.

No words can describe the heartbreak over losing her. We will forever grieve our baby girl –  but we thank God every day for her life with us and are especially grateful that we had extended time to savor each moment with her. Our hearts are forever altered by having known our Lucy, our beloved fur-daughter.

Here she is!! Lucy, forever the love of our lives!

Lucy was absolutely stunning! The most beautiful, precious, adorable girl ever!


She loved to hang out in her chair!


Meditating at the beach..


After a swim at Folsom Lake


Lucy loved pink and loved to dress up. Here she is in her summer dress! Happy girl!


Lucy and Maxx were inseparable!