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Lucy’s Hope

Back in January, when I wrote my last blog post, I had every intention to continue writing and posting all sorts of topics related to dog training and life with dogs. My brother told me that my website was a little bit “mushy” – so to prove him wrong I planned to begin a series of non-mushy posts…. which I will get to eventually. This one.. mushy. Mid-February, my world got turned upside down when our sweet Lucy got sick. When I wrote the very last post here called “Lucy’s Perspective” about our trip to Nevada City together, I had no clue that cancer was raging inside her body. She seemed to be her normal, amazing, healthy, bright, happy girl. Here I am now, this side of “Lucy getting sick” and I have to admit to you that I am still in the thick of it and the battle has just begun. The path that I was on, (and by the way, I had it all planned out), has taken a huge detour. I am now on the fast track of becoming a Canine Cancer expert and on a new mission to help others facing this devastating disease that is taking the life of 1 out of every 4 dogs in America today. Lucy is already a miracle – she is home now after a 9 day stay in the hospital where she fought the good fight for her life! We were told she had 1 or 2 weeks to live, at best. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma and Acute Kidney Disease (caused by the cancer). She is currently receiving chemotherapy and alternative medicine treatments, including acupuncture and herbal supplements… AND she is responding well!!! My husband and I created a blog site called Lucy’s HopeĀ  — it is our prayer that her story can bring hope and encouragement to others. We invite you to follow her journey on that site. Certainly, there will likely be some overflow to this site because her having cancer effects EVERYTHING in my life! In the midst of all this, friends encouraged … Continue reading

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