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Lucy’s Perspective

The last week of December found me with a touch of the blues and exhausted. I longed to just get away for a few days to clear my head, rest and renew my spirit. Just days away from the New Year, I decided to do something I had never done before… a getaway for the weekend by myself. Well, let me re-phrase that – a getaway with only one companion, my precious Lucy. Lucy knows only pure joy. We often say that her eyes are so bright and clear that she sees Jesus face to face every day and therefore it is impossible for her to have anything else in her being except pure joy. In fact, the name Lucy means “light” – her AKC registered name is Lawson’s Diamond Girl because she is a bright shining star. What a blessing she is! Lucy teaches me so much about the important things in life… like loyalty, devotion, happiness, laughing, being free, dancing,¬†love and faithfulness. Although she cannot speak to me in words, she most assuredly speaks to me loudly with her faithful devotion and her exuberant love of life. She wholeheartedly embraces life to it’s fullest. I strive to be more like Lucy. It made perfect sense that Lucy would be my partner for the “Great Getaway Adventure”. Our destination.. Nevada City, CA!¬† A short drive up the hill from home and one of my most favorite places on earth. My husband, Howie and I often go there for short day trips because it is close and is absolutely charming and lovely. It is our tradition, (if we don’t have the dogs with us), to eat lunch at South Pine Cafe. They have a very unique menu and everything on it is amazing! There are many dog-friendly restaurants in Nevada City as well. One of my favorites is New Moon Cafe. On our adventure weekend, Lucy and I went to California Organics, equally delicious and dog-friendly. Our adventure began on Friday, December 30th with the beautiful drive up the hill just before sundown. We arrived at the Nevada City Inn … Continue reading

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