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~ A loyal friend is the elixir of life ~

Those of us who love dogs know what an important part of our lives they share. It has become my life’s mission to help create healthy, balanced and loving relationships between dogs and their people.

It brings me great joy to watch the relationship between people and their dogs blossom as they learn effective communication through a practical understanding of the most relevant and foundational truths of learning theory.

Dog-friendly training is based on current scientific research about how dogs learn. Modern training theories suggest that reinforcing good behavior with rewards while using constructive discipline is the most successful training method. Moreover, dog-friendly training is FUN and completely liberating for both people and dogs!

Training your dog is more than just teaching the basic obedience behaviors (sit, down and come) – it is a set of guiding principles that enriches the relationship between us and our dogs through an ability to truly communicate and have fun with the pets we love. After all, our beloved dogs are our very best friends ever!

Best Friends!

Best Friends!


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